consider the X

Ben Zimmer wrote this one up on Language Log a year ago. Here is my summary of that article.

It originated in Luke 12:24 of the Bible, X0 being both “consider the crows” and “consider the lilies”. “Consider” is translated from the Greek “observe fully”, so when using this snowclone, you’re instructing the reader to think carefully about X and compare some of its qualities to himself. X must be restricted to flora and fauna in order to evoke the original, and famous instances include daisies, cod, fish, termite, oyster, armadillo.


One response to “consider the X

  1. I think this sort of consideration may be relevant at this point…

    Apologies to the source, whom you shall find should you google. Most particularly for the reformatting…

    Consider, my friends, the pebble… and the boulder.
    Hallelujah, hallelujah, let us pray.

    Consider if you will the pebble and the boulder
    Consider the pebble, rushing through the sea of life, carried hither and thither by the flurries and the eddies. Always flying, never finding. Beaten across the rocks, dashed by waves as it dashes THROUGH the waves.

    Is this your life?
    Is this not how you live your life?
    Tell me friend, does this not appear familiar? Does this not strike a chord?
    Do you find yourself cast from rock to rock, greeted by nothing but dashed hopes? Do you not pray to the LORD for another way? Do you not search ceaselessy for a different path? Well search no further my friend, for there is another way.

    There is another way.

    Consider the boulder, lying steadfast on the ocean floor.
    Gently caressed over the years by the seas of time, changing, adapting, always the same but yet, somehow, always different.

    This is not weakness, my friend!
    This is not idleness!
    This is strength! The strength to be itself whilst all about are mere pebbles.

    Yea, pebbles, hurling themselves against the boulder, harming nought but themselves sacrificing their own fragile essence before the might of the mighty boulder.

    Be more like the boulder, than the pebble in the sea. It will make life easier, I know, because it worked for me.
    Which are you my friend? The pebble? Or the boulder? Harken to me. Harken to me now.

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