I [shape] X roundup

It’s time some of the excellent submissions to the “I [shape] X” entry got their own post. The selections displayed here do not cover all the comments on that post, as some of the images have become elusive. Plays on the original heart make an appearance, in addition to symbols that don’t have a Unicode representation, like a food cart. There’s also one without any symbol at all, calling the reader to supply his or her own.

I [food cart] street food:

I [cart] street food

I [raindrop] Seattle:

I rain Seattle

I [dice] Las Vegas:

I dice Las Vegas

I [space invader] Paris:
I invade Paris

I [heart heart heart] polygamy:

I heartx3 polygamy

I [?] Unicode:

I ? unicode

I [glove] MJ:

I glove mj

I [ ] organ donation:

I organ donation

I [tomato] my farmer:

I tomato my farmer

I [foot] Madlibs:

I foot madlibs


10 responses to “I [shape] X roundup

  1. I wish I could find an image, because this is a good one. I remember seeing a t-shirt for sale in 2004 at the Traverse City (Michigan) Cherry Festival. The shirt used a picture of a cherry to say “I (cherry)-sh TC” – “love” became “cherish” in an almost perfect blend of word- and picture-play.

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  3. The punk band Dillinger Four has a shirt that says I [toilet] D4. Now I can tell everyone it’s a snowclone!

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  5. Chicago graphic artist Phineas Jones has just started selling i [goat] the Cubs t-shirts at http://www.zazzle.com/i_goat_the_cubs_tshirt-235578430220530396

  6. The worst one I saw was the I NY. Came out about a year after 9/11.

  7. Super late but perhaps still relevant? From TomatoNation.com, “I [lime] Amy March”

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