added the Queue

There is now a link to “The Queue,” up there with “About the Snowclones Database.” 155 snowclones are currently waiting to be posted! I suppose that means at some point I’ll have to start posting more than one a week. Anyway, if you come across a possible snowclone, you can check there, and if you don’t see it, post it in a comment. (Note that the snowclones already blogged up to this point are NOT in the current list, so you’ll want to double-check those, too, before making a suggestion.) I’ve added the already-blogged snowclones to the queue, for completeness’ sake.

I’ve also added a link in the sidebar to The Tensor‘s groovy script, with which you can get a count and a big list of instances of a given snowclone. Or at least, you can use it if you know what Perl and wget are, and can get them working on your computer. 🙂 I have recently found this useful when searching for snowclones that don’t have distinctively Google-able phrasing.

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