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more administrative notes

As of today, I have at least 30 more snowclones queued up to be posted. I am holding off on taking suggestions until I get through them, although comments are open as you can see. I intend to post at least one snowclone a week until I get through my queue. All posts should be searchable, so if you do have a suggested addition to the database, please do a search before sending me a suggestion!

I am trying to make this comprehensive and consistently formatted, but as a blog getting it to that state is an organic process. You will see it get prettier as we go, I hope. I haven’t ironed out the formatting exactly, and I don’t always remember everything I want to say about a particular snowclone when I write its post, so I hope you can help me by commenting when you see information missing.

snowclones at BarCamp San Diego

On Sunday I gave a presentation on snowclones at BarCamp San Diego. Here are my slides. After the talk, we had a good discussion about the nature of snowclones, and a couple of snowclones that I don’t yet have queued up to add here were suggested. (“</X>”, “Xgate”.)

take this X and shove it

“Take this job and shove it” seems to be the most popular variation, and possibly the original form. There is both a song (1978) and a movie (1981) with this title.

[from Unblogged Snowclones]